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The Most Beautiful Beach




The Most Beautiful Beach
object magazine



‘La más bella’ (the most beautiful) is an object magazine founded in 1998 which offers in every publication a monographic edition around a central issue. This time the selected theme is El Cabanyal, its title is La más bella playa (the most beautiful beach) and it has the collaboration of twenty artists of both national and international relevance.

The topic proposed in this edition pretends to highlight the indissoluble relation of El Cabanyal with the sea and with the beach which has its name. The magazine wants to increase the value of the monuments of El Cabanyal, thus creating a small portable monument, a toolbox that users can use in other places, neighbourhoods and cities, opening the possibility to collect on the Web these experiences, which allow to create a feedback register of their use.


The pages of the most beautiful beach have been carried out by artists and creators as: Carlos Pazos, Mariscal, Muntadas, José Luis Sampedro, Ajo, Calpurnio, Paco Roca, Miguel Gallardo, Eugenio Ampudia, Mateo Maté, Cento Yuste, Ortifus, Eltono, Julio Falagán, Noaz, NEKO, Technologies To The People, Miguel Molina, Monique Bastiaans, Óscar Mora, MacDiego, Álvaro Nofuentes, Álvaro Santamaría, Calo, Dani Sanchís, Gonzalo Mora, Luis Demano, Paula Bonet, Pepetono, Rafa Fonteriz, Txemacantropus, Andi Rivas, Astro Naut, Falansh, Rosh, Sue, De La Puríssima, El Hombre en la Sombra, La Más Bella, etc.

Directed by: Pepe Murciego y Diego Ortiz
Coordination: “La más Bella Playa": Pepe Murciego y Lupe Frígols




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