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The Most Beautiful Beach



Let’s Talk About El Cabanyal



It is a collection of more than a hundred testimonies recorded in audiovisual format and available to the Web surfers. In all of those testimonies, the narrators speak about their vital experiences related to the neighbourhood El Cabanyal. Altogether they create a kaleidoscopic view of their beloved neighbourhood of El Cabanyal throughout time and through many of the stories of the citizens who lived and live the neighbourhood at first hand.



Coodination: Bia Santos
Recording and editing: Bia Santos y Víctor García Bayarri



Video of  José Luis Sampedro and Olga Lucas
Coodination: Marisa Giménez
Recording: Víctor García Bayarri
Camera: Elena Lauellés
Editing: Bia Santos





Part 1



Part 2

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