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"Playing and Learning with the cabanyal"
Educational Project


We have two activities suitable for children who still attend school. Both of them show the children the buildings that form El Cabanyal neighbourhood and their architectural and patrimonial assets. These games can be downloaded so that they can be played individually and we also allow school groups to include them as class activities.

The first one is a paper cutout game of some of the most singular facades of El Cabanyal and the children can arrange them by blocks, making their own creations and having the possibility of combining them with blocks created by other children or groups of children.

The second game is a pack of cards with the pictures of buildings of El Cabanyal that will familiarize children with their architectural heritage while they play with the facts given in the cards.

Realization: Silvia Molinero Domingo and Mixuro estudio de arquitetura

Coodination: Bia Santos and Emilio Martínez


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Game of paper cut-outs
Pack of Cards
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